company history

Established by Richard Anthony

Solid Impressions goes beyond your basic landscaping company. There is an art to concrete pouring and stamping, and when coupled with talent and passion the results are breathtaking.

Working in durham region for many years, Richard Anthony takes a generic outdoor space and transforms it into something breathtaking. If you're looking for a sustainable and modern take on landscaping, Solid Impressions should be the first and last place you look!


So with 18 years of innovative and artistic solutions what can you expect? Well.. More than just concrete.

Solid Impressions brings more than just the application of concrete services. We have a breadth of experience in the industrial structural applications – limits, tolerance, performance, and capabilities of concrete.

We have witnessed failures over time, and use that to our advantage. Products are not all the same, and the application of those products is even more important. We pack years of experience which separates us from everyone else.

With our experience, and our innovative design approach we will ensure that you get Impressed!!!